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Intelligent communications

Eve is the IP based telephony and communication platform that powers many of our services.

Flexible and incredibly straightforward to use, it brings together all the conveniences of modern technology into one simple system.

Managed through a configurable portal, available on both desktop and mobile, eve adapts to your business requirements as you go, meaning your business is always set up for success.

The ideal communications solution if:

you're just setting up your business

eve is a doddle to get up and running

your business is growing or moving

eve is based in the cloud, so it moves and grows with you

you're regularly on the road

thanks to the integrated app, you can manage eve from wherever you might be

Eve features



At its core, eve allows you to do everything you’d expect from a modern telephony platform. Make and receive calls, leave and access voicemail, provide on-hold music and implement hunt groups.

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Eve’s collaboration tools allow remote teams to work as closely as if in an office. Audio conferencing, chat functions and web-based screen sharing help teams stay connected – remote shouldn’t mean alone!

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You can easily check your colleagues’ availability from your chosen device. Check who is making or receiving calls or ‘busy’, and set your own status to let your colleagues know when you’re free to take calls.

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Instant messaging

Email is quick but sometimes just not quick enough. When you want to get a simple message across as fast as possible, you can speedily connect with your colleagues via eve’s instant chat tool, available through the mobile app, desktop app or directly through the portal.

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Eve connects to make of the most popular office tools. For instance, connect it to your calendar so that it can automatically change your status and reroute calls to an alternative destination when you’re in a meeting.

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Call handling

Eve’s hunt group function makes sure the right person answers calls. 

Call queues play music and hold you callers when your team are unavailable

Eve portal

A new way to manage

The eve portal is your gateway to full control over the features your business needs. It’s designed to be as intuitive as possible, making it quick and easy to manage essential settings and information

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Eve licenses

A simple decision

Choosing and implementing the eve platform couldn’t be simpler. There are no large upfront payments, just a straightforward monthly per-user licensing cost and monthly rental charge for connectivity.

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