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46% of people worked from home in April

As we begin navigating the new normal, we can start to look at the positives 2020 has taught us about flexible working. While, at first, it seemed pretty radical for business owners to suddenly allow entire workforces to move to homeworking. However, five months on and these same business owners are seeing huge company benefits, from reduced business overheads to increased employee productivity.

A record 46.6% of people in employment worked from home in April 2020*. Having to rely on their own home broadband for video calls, emails, and downloads. But now, as companies open back up and people are heading back to their offices at least some of the time, there are more and more businesses wanting and needing to adapt to a more permanent flexible working solution.

Certainly, one thing that lockdown quickly made evident, was the lack of preparation for homeworking and, as the months rolled on, employees started getting desperate for a solution to the system issues they’d been experiencing.

Preparing for the future of flexible working

Moving into a more flexible future of working, now is the time to make sure those employees working from home have the same or an equivalent working set up as they do in the office, with the option for seamless movement between the two. 

This is where Yello can help. By keeping your business operating smoothly even when some, or all of your team, are working from home. Our reliable, secure, business-grade broadband can be installed directly into your employees’ homes. Ensuring the same security, speeds, and reliable connections they’re used to in the office.

Business-grade broadband

Starting from just £22 a month**, per connection, your team can continue flexible working with an unbeatable broadband solution.

With Yello’s business broadband packages, you ensure the foundation of your business is secure and able to support your critical services.

Call us today on +44 (0) 116 224 4000 to get a quote and find out more or email

* Office for National Statistics 2020. **Not including setup fees.

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